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Dengler & Hatz Cigar Co.


311 North Broadway St. Louis MO

March 12th 1917

First Store

Boatman's Bank Building  

 308 N. Brodway St. Louis MO


John Dengler behind counter


Bell Telephone Building

 Tenth & Pine St. Louis Mo

December 15th 1926


300 North Fourth St.

  St. Louis, MO

Late 1960's



Boatmans Bank Building 

John Richard Dengler with mother Lily Dengler and son 

John L Dengler


Manision House

John Dengler Cigar Co.

Renamed after John Dengler 
death in 1944

John Dengler Tobacconist

John Dengler Tobacconist

724 South Main St
St. Charles MO

August 1973

700 S. Main St.

St. Charles MO


Historic Farmers Home Building

built 1805

John Dengler Tobacconist since 1917

Larry and Laura (Dengler) Muench

3rd Generation

October 2008


John and Trudy Dengler

John Richard Dengler

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